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There is no fine print. There is no catch.

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There is more opportunity than ever for entrepreneurs to break into the business world with the help of the Internet. Today an idea can make its way from an off hand thought to a fully realized and profitable business engine in record time. To help our users towards that end, we have set up our services to allow entrepreneurs just starting out or existing businesses to painlessly create a platform for their business with one of our 99¢ ready-to-use 99¢ niche websites.

Select from our varied types of websites to get exactly the platform which will best support whatever business type your entrepreneurial spirit drives you to realize. Whether you are looking to create a niche blog, a SEO Reeller platform, an eCommerce market place or a variety of other types of websites, Real Them In has packages available to provide you with a reliable, ready-to-use website tailored to the unique needs of your specific niche. Included in the package you will get a complete script and files necessary for your website, all configured for a hassle-free set up and designed to work virtually maintenance free. Once it is set up and configured, your website will operate essentially on autopilot. With just a few clicks, you can turn your business concept into a working reality.

We are offering our packages for only $1.  There is no catch, no strings, and no hidden details.  Real Them In is happy to offer the world a turnkey opportunity to start niche websites for only $1 – but we do encourage you to check out some of our excellent hosting affiliates for high quality solutions for hosting your new websites!

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Social Multiplier regularly drives thousands of visitors to user sites on auto-pilot. This traffic often has better bounce rates and longer time on site than even Google traffic!

NicheJet is a hands-off site-building service. We start off by finding valuable keywords to target. We then give you the option to choose from that list of profitable keywords (once a keyword is chosen, it’s removed from the list) or provide your own. We then find a good domain (or you can provide your own), register it and install WordPress on the site.